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The Double Gun

 With our Double Gun, fighters can leverage the power of full-body resistance (from the hands and feet) to gain upper and lower-body training. For fighters, this added resistance translates into faster and more explosive hands, quicker movement in takedowns, technical self-correction, and stronger offensive and defensive movements in the round. With the Slastix pulling from all four extremities, the body is required to work even harder to balance especially when exerting the amount of force required for striking. How It Works: Simply attach the four independent Slastix from the foot and wrist cuffs to an anchored object or training partner behind you and perform MMA drills such as striking, standups, takedowns, clearing the hands, or engaging in offensive and defensive moves. The wrist cuffs fit comfortably around the wrist and thumb and can be worn easily inside gloves if desired; the foot cuffs should be worn over or above the shoe around the ankle. As you move further from the anchor the resistance level increases, which boosts your ability to continue to drive through the opponent and finish each move. (Note: It is recommended to wear a shirt while training).