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Beast Battling Ropes

Unlike traditional (non-elastic) heavy ropes, the Beast is engineered to apply graduated resistance to counter the force of the athlete’s movements, which causes the muscles throughout the entire body to contract. Beyond functioning as a high-powered battle rope, the Beast has multiple applications—rotational movement training (which targets the core muscles) and lateral movement training (which targets core stability), to reverse walking (for lower-body strength) and building cardiovascular endurance. Because of its large circumference, a fighter’s grip strength is increased every time he trains with the Beast. Weighing up to 15 pounds and providing a full 150 pounds of resistance with each rope, the Beast is encased in a protective nylon sheath, giving athletes of any fitness level a physically taxing and safe workout.

How It Works: Attach the Slastix band to an anchor as low to the ground as possible, or have a partner hold it low to the ground in a secure position. While holding the other end of the Slastix, perform waves, circles, and a variety of other battle-rope exercises.